Q. Why to submit to IJAER?
A. IJAER is an international peer reviewed, open access, online and print journal .

Q. What is the ISSN number of IJAER??
A. E-ISSN 2231-5152, P-ISSN- 2454 - 1796


Q. When should we submit our papers?
A. Authors can submit the manuscripts anytime by online Submission or can e-mail the manuscripts at info@ijaer.com. It will be published in forthcoming issue, if accepted.

Q. Where can I find Manuscript Template?
A. You can find the Manuscript Template in JOURNALS menu.

Q. Where can I find Author's Guidelines?
A. You can find the Author's Guidelines in JOURNALS Menu.

Q. Where can I find Copyright Form?
A. If your paper is selected, download the Copyright Form from JOURNALS menu, fill it and send to info@ijaer.com

Q. How do I submit my paper?
A. Submit your manuscript electronically through email. To submit a manuscript electronically you need to convert your files to MS-Word format (.doc or docx extension).

Q. Can I submit more than one paper for the same issue?
A. Yes, you can submit more than one paper for the same issue.

Q. When will I receive an acknowledgment email for my submission?
A. Paper submissions are normally acknowledged within 24 hours. In case the author do not receive any acknowledgment for a submitted paper, an email can be sent to info@ijaer.com

Q. Is there any restriction for number of pages and fee for extra pages?
A. Minimum 5 pages and Maximum 15 pages are allowed.

Q. How many authors are allowed per paper? Is there a maximum limit for the number of authors?
A. Yes, at present, maximum of FIVE authors are allowed per paper.

Q. Why should I transfer copyrights to IJAER?
A. Like many other scientific publishers, the IJAER requires authors to provide transfer of copyright prior to publication. This permits IJAER to publish the article and to defend against improper use i.e. publishing in other journals. It also permits IJAER to mount the article online and to use the article in other forms or media. By the IJAER transfer agreement, the authors retain substantial rights in the work.

Q. How does the review process work?
A. The review of articles, is done through a double blind peer review. All the articles received by IJAER are send to Review Committee after deleting the name of the author to have an unbiased opinion about the research.


Q. Are IJAER published articles available for free?
A.Yes, all the papers published by IJAER are available to download for free. We are here to support the Open Access.

Q. What is the frequency of publication of IJAER?
A. IJAER is monthly journal. It publishes one issue per month.

Q. My paper has been published, but I cannot find it on the Web?
A. All published papers are normally indexed within 2-3 weeks from the date of publication and thereafter should normally be visible on the Web within 6-7 days.

Q. Am I required to pay fee against the submission of my paper to the journal?
A. No, you are not required to pay fee against the submission of your paper to IJAER.


Q. Should I join IJAER on Facebook?
A. We invite all scientists, researchers, academicians and students to join IJAER on Facebook. Joining on Facebook demonstrate your support to us. Join us on Facebook.

Q. How to join the Reviewers Committee?
A. We welcome applications to join the Reviewers Committee. The possible reviewers have to send their resumes to info@ijaer.com.

Q. How to join the Editorial Board Member?
A. We welcome applications to join the Editorial Board. The possible editors have to send their resumes at info@ijaer.com.


Q. I did not find my question on your FAQ list.
A. Kindly send a mail to info@ijaer.com.