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      Welcome to International Journal of Advances in Engineering Research (IJAER). It is an international refereed engineering e-journal in English published monthly.

      IJAER will cater to needs of all those researchers and academicians looking forward to contribute through their knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of engineering. To begin with, in order to comprehend the significance of engineering and its serious contributions, we will have to look back in the past and dig histories. In modern society, we are constantly interacting with our environment. We harvest and extract all the resources that we need to sustain human life and culture human empires. It is the role of the engineer, however, to minimize the effects of damage on the surrounding ecosystems, and design necessary infrastructures that are both efficient and safe. Structures and processes engineers implement fall into four main categories: sustainability, safety, cleanliness, and connection.

      It is the role of the engineer to protect the environment and the people within it. Engineers aim to benefit the people of the present by employing effective structures that are intended to improve transportation and living habits of earth’s inhabitants. By extension, engineering is planning for the continual growth of the human population and ensuring there are sufficient resources for the people of the future.

      A significant focus of engineering is that of connection and globalization. As technology and design progresses, it is important that we keep in contact with the rest of the world. The saying “no man is an island” quite literally comes into effect here. Every disaster, natural or not, that occurs in the world today effects everyone. Tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, terrorist attacks; the world is informed of such happenings. Without roads to get from point A to point B, or helicopters, or jets, the world would seem a very distant place. Essentially, engineering encourages a sense of awareness and togetherness.

      Engineering serves as the calcium of society today. It continuously strengthens our pre-existing knowledge of design and, as calcium ensures healthy bones and teeth, engineering ensures a healthy and sustainable environment for humankind.

      When such is the significance of engineering in our life, obviously there needs an international platform to integrate intellectuals from the so-called engineering community, in order to brainstorm and confront various engineering-based issues and challenges before the society. That is where IJAER comes into picture, with a ray of hope to integrate engineering minds to face erratic engineering challenges through breakthrough research in future.

      IJAER welcomes you all once again, to this international forum to express your engineering minds with conviction.

All the Best!!!

Chief Editor
International Journal of Advances in Engineering Research (IJAER)
ISSN: 2231-5152

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